Compared To Conventional Photovoltaic Systems

The Iris Hellas parousiazeitinseira Ready Roof Solar Kits High EfficiencyNew products Ready Roof Solar Kits High Efficiency – 10KW in just 51 square meters! The most serious issue facing photovoltaics on roofs is the available space for installation. Until now, conventional φωτοβολταικα systems usable space required was at least 67 m for an installation 10KW, as much is the maximum power from the Y.PE.K.A. The series Ready Roofs Solar Kits High Efficiency solves beneficial by reducing the required space in just 51 m.The specific design, the annual economic benefit can be derived from the full use of available space reaches 45% compared to conventional photovoltaic systems.Issues directly related to the performance of photovoltaic systems and is often found in plants such as shading issues from chimneys, antennas and neighboring buildings, in turn RRSK HE treated with great ease.

Considering the architectural requirements, RRSK HE series is designed to uniquely combine high performance and aesthetics.

With the new range of High Efficiency becomes full exploitation of the available φωτοβολταικα συστηματα now available to any individual who owns a home.This is a high quality product range that exploits all the new technology has been developed for photovoltaic systems and is now affordable for any individual who owns a home.