How To Get A Free iPhone 4

Get an Apple iPhone 4 for free. Sounds awesome, wouldn’t you say? You’d be shocked to find out that it’s actually much easier than you might think! Maybe you’ve seen offers in the past to get a free Apple iPhone 4 and thought, That sounds way too good to be true.. The truth is, it IS possible to get a free iPhone 4, you just need to know how!

Firstly, should you search Google for free iPhone 4, you’ll uncover tons of websites claiming that they’re going to provide you with a free Apple iPad2. But, a lot of them require you to buy some different, more expensive item in order to get your free iPhone 4. Actually, this is simply not a free iPhone 4 in the least. They simply increase the price of the merchandise you need to buy to pay for their cost of the Apple iPhone 4, so you end up paying for the Apple iPhone 4, plus some other item, that you might not need.

You will also see a lot of YouTube videos claiming that they’re going to give you a free Apple iPad2. In reality, most of these individuals are trying to supercharge their video views on YouTube, and will just send you to some different internet site, most likely amongst the ones we reviewed before which willmake an effort to sell you some other products to get your free iPhone 4.

The RIGHT way to get a free Apple iPhone 4, is to be a tester. They’ll send you a free iPhone 4, and you simply have to work with it, and feed them some suggestions on it. They require real-world individual reviews from people exactly like you, providing you an amazing opportunity for getting an Apple iPhone 4 for free, in return for taking a few moments to respond to some questions and tell them how much you like it.

You need to be careful though, you will discover a lot of internet sites declaring that they are willing to give you a free Apple iPhone 4, but many are scams. I have personally tried a lot of them (using fake contact info to be safe!) and just one has actually delivered an iPhone 4. I let my friend know about it, he did it and he got one too, so this provider seems to be legit. Additionally they sent me a 2-page questionnaire about the Apple iPhone 4, how it works and its features, and it was a piece of cake to fill out, and now the iPhone 4 is my very own to keep forever, and it cost me just a couple of minutes.