The Amazing Apple Ipad 2

The 2nd gen iPad is among the best tablet pc’s that money can buy right now. From its sleek style to its fast CPU, the iPad 2 is a well designed, capable tablet. Apple put tons of research and development inventing all kinds of useful features like better apps, extended battery life, dual digital cameras and all sorts more.

My favorite feature of the iPad 2, is the addition of two digital cameras. There is a nice digi cam attached on both sides of the Apple iPad 2, which makes tons of really cool possibilities with the new Face Time app. The camera on the front is only a standard VGA input and output, but the camera on the other side can record really nice hi def photos.

A really helpful addition of the Apple iPad 2, is more operating time. Of course, the battery life is based significantly on the way you operate your iPad 2 – it can last as much as ten hours on standby, about seven to eight for most simple jobs such as browsing the internet and email, and just five hours for intense gaming or video editing. This is absolutely a nice improvement since the 1st iPad, and is right on target with the best tablet PCS out there.

Because the iPad 2 is an Apple product, and it is extremely popular, you can find tons of accessories in the stores so you can completely customize your Apple iPad 2. One excellent addition, is a screen protector that clips on with magnets. The moment you clip the lid on your Apple iPad 2, it automatically hibernates. If you do not need such an extreme method of protecting the screen, you can purchase clear vinyl sheets that stick to the screen and protect it from minor grime and scratches. It is true that the iPad isn’t made for word processing, it’s possible to buy a keyboard so you can type with ease, however this adds to the travel size of the device.

These days, there are tons of methods of connecting to the internet it can be tough to locate the perfect combination of equipment that will work correctly with one another. The good news is, the Apple iPad 2 is marvelous at connectivity, and can hook up to Wi-Fi or 3G networks. This is extra important, since other tablet pc’s don’t offer 3G connectivity at all.

There are many other tablets out there currently, yet none of them compete with the Apple iPad 2. They just fall short in terms of the awesome features. In conclusion, the iPad 2 is an excellent tablet at an incredible price. The powerful hardware,
the giant array of accessories and apps, useful, andelegant design make the Apple iPad 2 the top tablet around at any price, however you can actually get a free Apple iPad 2 which makes it even better. They is in need of real tesimonials from people just like you and will let you keep a free Apple iPad 2 just for trying it and providing them a bit of info about the Apple iPad 2.